Using a TCA Peel to Improve Deep Wrinkles

Published: 26th October 2010
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A TCA peel (TCA stands for Trichloroacetic Acid) is one of the strongest types of chemical peel you can use. Its strength is what makes it so effective for improving deep wrinkles. The results usually last longer, too, so you donít have to perform the routine as often as you would when using milder acid solutions.

Because TCA peels are so strong, you want to make sure you are using them correctly. Here are the instructions for giving yourself a do it yourself face peel using a TCA solution.

Before starting your skin peel, you want to prepare your skin. Use a mild cleanser to clean your skin, then use alcohol prep pads (the kind used in doctorís offices and other places) to make sure all traces of cleanser have been removed. The alcohol will also remove excess oil from your skin.

Now you are ready to apply the solution. Use a cotton pad to apply the solution all over your face. You may want to use a cotton swab for smaller areas such as around the mouth, nose, and eyes.

Once you have put the solution on your skin, you want to leave it on for the prescribed amount of time. This is usually between three and four minutes. (Remember, TCA is very strong so you wonít leave a TCA peel on for as long as you would another type of acid solution.) During this time, you should notice the skin turning white-this is called "frosting". Apply more solution to any area that is not frosting.

During the time the TCA skin peel solution is working, you are going to notice a burning sensation. It will become rather intense, so you may want to fan your face or allow a fan to gently blow cool air on your face. Although this may be a bit uncomfortable, the frosting as well as the burning are indicators that the peel solution is working as it should.

When the time is up, using cool water, rinse the TCA chemical peel solution off thoroughly. Then soak cotton pads or washcloths in the cool water and apply them to your face.

Once all the solution is removed, apply a thin layer of triple-antibiotic cream. This will soothe your face further, and help promote healing.

Follow the instructions for post-skin care after your TCA peel. This includes using the triple-antibiotic ointment as well as sunscreen or products that contain SPF protection. This will ensure that the results last longer.

A couple of warnings need to be mentioned. First, do not let any of the TCA chemical peel solution get in your eyes, nose, or mouth.† Also, when removing the solution, do not rub your skin. Use the cloth or cotton pads to gently blot your skin, as it will be very sensitive during this time, and rubbing can cause irritation or may even damage the skin.

Intense burning is normal, but if it becomes too unbearable, go ahead and remove the solution before the allotted time has passed. If the burning continues, or you notice what appears to be damage to your skin, seek medical help.

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